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The timing of the revision release of The Absence/Presence of Soil could not be more pivotal as humanity is at a critical crossroads at this moment of The Great Awakening. "It takes a realized woman to apprehend the tyranny of generational patriarchy. It takes a realized mother to lend voice to the voiceless while priming the canvas of life for the unborn. It takes a realized human to stand sentinel between the living and the dead, the fictitious and the real. Mamalution rises to this change with faultless passion and integrity. Her book is a ripe offering for the calamity of our perfectly appointed generation, as we transition from an unconsciousness civilization to Homo Sapiens Universalis! " -Sacha Stone
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Imani Mamalution is a true revolutionary, change maker, truth seeker and teller….and a fierce Mama Bear protecting her cubs. She is a inviting all of us whether we have children or not to tap into our protective, nurturing mother energy to do what it takes to be sovereign beings thriving on the planet. She is a mama of five daughters raised with “instincts intact” - her four unvaccinated birth children were all born at home and homeschooled at her organic cafe where our curriculum was real food, sustainability and the arts. She is an educator at heart – passionate about sharing information with others to make empowered, informed decisions. 
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